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Elmo Snebold
Born 8-20-06

Baby Elmo, a soft and tiny 2 ½ pound Malti-poo, changed my life while I was consulting for WQED, home of Mr. Rogers. After a lifetime with cats and loving all animals, I decided to finally own a dog of my own and take on the responsibility of being a dog parent.

I knew you could simply bring a baby kitty home, give them lots of love & kisses, show them where the litter pan lives and BOOM!!! - They’re housebroken!!!

I was soon to learn it takes a village to raise an Elmo:

  • $1,000 pitt stops at the "PetPoor" Store to outfit his nursery
  • Dog-clicking Nazi trainer who lasted ½ of one home visit
  • Dog-whispering hippie to puppy-proof our home with good aura
  • Pet Vet-Hospital with doting attendants
  • Off-hour Emergency Room
  • Loving Dog Walkers
  • Basic Obedience Class
  • Volunteer visits with seniors
  • Various Boarding Kennels
  • Intermediate Obedience Class
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • One Great Groomer
  • Advanced Obedience Class
  • Certification with Therapy Dog International

Finally, it’s no longer a hyper Marley and Me, but Lo & Mo. Everyone loves Elmo, particularly his adoring Doggie Daycare Family. He’s the official greeter at our dog park, my best little buddy, co-pilot and road warrior - a bright, happy spirit just bursting with joy and ready for his close up.

He really is my Saint Elmo.

Office 301 949 1065      Cell 301 351 9016

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