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Lorraine Snebold
Born a long time ago

I’m a ‘baby boomer’ who was taught early in life to love animals and respect nature. My mom was a truly gifted artist and my dad the master of old-fashioned slideshows … we spent many a family night in the dark munching on popcorn and enjoying his photography.

My folks also instilled in me a sense of adventure and an insatiable curiosity. I learned to laugh often and easily.

I grew up taking risks and took up hot-air ballooning, skydiving, SCUBA diving and photography.

My other passions include the South Pacific, conservation of the planet, Springsteen, LIVE concerts, chess, my garden, swimming, reading, writing, decorating, and of course hanging out with Elmo. When time allows he’s a pet therapy dog and I volunteer for the Special Olympics of Maryland.

My visual upbringing blossomed into a career in television that spanned three decades primarily in Creative Services, Programming, Communications and Marketing. My employers include NBC, CBS, FOX and my clients add in WQED Multimedia, RLTV, Pittsburgh Magazine and Farmers’ Almanac. I led the Brand Management & Creative Team that launched the National Geographic Channel on 01-01-01. Then in July of 2009 I took an important new career path with the nonprofit leadership forum, Independent Sector, in Washington, DC.

But my love of animals and photography is still strong. During my four years at Nat Geo I gained a keen appreciation and profound respect for the works of their world-class photographers. I studied the art of spectacular photography and two key learnings guide every one of my private photo sessions with

  1. Patience - treasured portraits of animals, big and small, take time
  2. Only one shot makes the cover – and I’m always after that one great shot that celebrates the essence of your best friend that you’ll cherish always

Book a private session with me and we’ll photograph your pet happily crashed on your couch, sitting pretty on your deck, frolicking in your backyard, snagging a Frisbee, flinging a KONG, flirting with feathers or basking in the sunset at your beach house.

Together, we’ll invest the time to discover and capture a keepsake of your best friend - a true "Portrait of Love." Profiled on Retirement Living TV

October 2008

What do Ted Turner, Cesar Milan and fitness guru Denise Austin have in common with We were all on the same episode of Daily Café on RLTV. Founder Lorraine Snebold was interviewed by Fred Grandy: four-term Iowa congressman, a former President and CEO of Goodwill Industries plus a conservative radio talk show host - but you may remember him as Gopher on The Love Boat…

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